Partnerships Based on Aligned Incentives

When we partner with an oral surgery practice, our priority is to help you reach your business goals. Beacon Oral Specialists has a detailed partnership process that gives everyone involved a chance to see just how mutually beneficial our relationship will be. Our current partners are finding higher levels of success now than when they were operating independently. Part of our partnership process allows us to show you everything our shared service network can do for your practice.

While our team provides seamless support services that rival the biggest corporate oral surgery centers, we fundamentally believe in a personal approach. We know that each oral surgeon has their own goals for their practice, and we want to form a plan to help you achieve them.

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How the Partnership Process Works

Our partnership process involves five steps, from the initial research to a final agreement. We familiarize ourselves with every aspect of your organization. Once we understand your organization better, we can explain how we will help you meet your goals. Throughout the entire process, we will regularly meet with you and keep you informed every step of the way. Learn more about our five-step partnership process below.
Step 1

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Entering into a non-disclosure agreement at the outset of the process enables both parties to openly conduct research, perform evaluations, and communicate. Once the non-disclosure agreement is formed, the entire partnership process will be protected by confidentiality.
Step 2

Preliminary Financial Review & Evaluation

Our team will evaluate your financials to understand your practice better. The financial review allows us to create a fair and accurate partnership agreement. This step may also involve in-person or virtual meetings.
Step 3

Letter of Intent (LOI)

The letter of intent (LOI) will outline the terms of the potential partnership. It is a non-binding document that states Beacon Oral Specialists’ terms for entering into a partnership with your business. It explains what both parties can expect to receive from the transaction.
Step 4

Confirmatory Due Diligence

In the process of finalizing an agreement, we will perform several confirmatory evaluations. Some evaluations happen offsite, and others will occur in your office. They may include legal, accounting, and other expert assessments.
Step 5

Definitive Agreements

When the two sides finally agree on the terms of the partnership, both sign the final definitive agreements. Once these agreements are signed, our team begins working on your behalf as your exclusive provider of oral surgery management services.

Our Team

Scott Price

Scott Price

President, Business Development
25 years of experience in oral surgery; 17 years as Managing Partner at Brady, Price & Associates, a leading oral surgery practice brokerage and transition consulting firm in California.
Kapil Jatindarya

Kapil Jatindarya

SVP of BD & Head of M&A
15 years experience in Mergers & Acquisition process and execution. Recently served as Vice President, M&A at Solis Mammography.
Marc Epstein

Marc Epstein

Senior Business Development Associate (M&A)

5 years experience in Healthcare Services M&A. Recently served as an Investment Banking Analyst at Houlihan Lokey.

Lindsey Bunch

Lindsey Bunch

VP, Integration
10 years experience in the dental industry. Most recently served in operations at Pacific Dental and MB2 Dental.