About Beacon Oral Specialists’ Affiliated Practices

Many oral surgery specialists might feel alone in their efforts to manage their practice, but Beacon Oral Specialists has management solutions and deep health care expertise to help, allowing clinicians to focus on what they do best-providing exceptional care to their patients. Our comprehensive understanding and insight into running a successful practice and adapting to the health care industry’s evolving environment ensure our affiliated practices get what they need to grow and thrive. We support oral surgery practices with effective marketing, technology, and many other key elements of management. With our network of health care experts and business resources, your practice can benefit and elevate your standing as an industry leader.
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Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery CEO Dr. Paul “PJ” Schaner: We Took Our Practice to the Next Level

Examples of Our Nationwide Partnerships

Beacon Oral Specialists is proud of our partnerships with a growing national network of top-tier oral surgery practices. Our affiliated practices include industry-leading providers like Bay Area OSM, Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery, Fairfax Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Orange County Centers for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, and Desert Oral Surgery with more coming soon.
Agoura Hills Oral Surgery

Nationwide Impact in Oral & Facial Surgery

Beacon Oral Specialists looks forward to working with you to enhance your practice’s success as a leading oral surgery professional. Let our network of business professionals and premier oral surgeons act as an invaluable resource to help your practice realize and reach its fullest potential.
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