An Opportunity for Every Oral Surgeon

Beacon Oral Specialists has opportunities for oral surgeons across the United States. Founded by oral surgeons, our mission is to help you earn more than you could on your own while you advance your expertise and care for your patients.

We work with everyone from residents seeking a practice to retiring surgeons looking for the right exit strategy. Let us help you make the most out of your skills as an oral surgeon.

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Dr. Wenli Yu
Dr. Gonzalez

"Since day one at the job, I have felt the support and the back-up of the management team and other AOFS doctors," he says. "It's been 3+ years working here, and I continue to feel that same support. AOFS is like my extended family, and we carry that same culture in the office. For me to be a successful surgeon, I need a great team that worries about the business side of things while I concentrate on my patients, and that's what AOFS and Beacon provide."

– Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery
Dr. Lee Walker

"I'm confident that my partnership with Beacon will help me continue to grow my own practice and also collectively put us in a strong position to influence the future of our specialty." "Joining Beacon has given me a growing network of like-minded peers to both learn from and share the clinical protocols and operational efficiencies I've developed through years of practice."

– Dr. Walker
Beacon Oral Specialists: Accelerate Your Oral Surgery Career

Strategies for Residents and Younger Oral Surgeons

If you are a resident or a younger oral surgeon, we will make sure you find the perfect place to hone your skills. We can connect you with a practice to join long-term or help you explore different offices and acquire new skills from each team.

In the early part of your oral surgery career, you want to work under oral surgeons who will mentor you. Our network of respected oral surgeons will help you develop all the skills you’ll need in the future.

Helping Established Surgeons Take the Next Step

As an experienced surgeon, you have a lot of options. The best way to choose a path forward is by having a team, like Beacon Oral Specialists, dedicated to matching you with the right practice.

We also form partnerships with oral surgeons who want help growing their existing practice. Let us leverage our position as an industry leader to help you take your practice to the next level.