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    Beacon Oral Specialists is one of the nation’s leading oral surgery management companies. We have a portfolio of partnerships with some of the most prominent oral surgeons and oral surgery centers in the nation.

    When you partner with us, you get access to our shared services infrastructure which includes accounting, human resources, marketing, IT, payor relations, recruitment, and more. At the same time, you can maintain clinical autonomy.

    As a company founded and run by experienced oral surgeons, we know what it takes to make your practice thrive.

    Can I Partner With Beacon Oral Specialists?

    We believe every surgeon deserves access to effective practice management solutions. We routinely work with oral surgeons at every stage in their careers, including:

    • Residents searching for the right practice
    • Established oral surgeons selling their practice
    • Oral surgeons who want to grow their practice without giving up control
    • Professionals seeking roles in HR, marketing, and other clinical positions
    • Patients who need to find an exceptional oral surgeon in their area
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    Dr. Gonzalez
    The decision to join Beacon was a truly transformational decision in my career, and one I feel was the best path for myself and my family. The knowledge, experience, and leadership Beacon offers helped me exceed my goals and accelerate my career path while meeting the daily challenges every oral surgeon faces in this rapidly evolving healthcare environment. I lead my own offices, I’ve become a partner, and my practice has progressed well beyond what the older, conventional model offers. I look forward to continuing on this path of success and serving my local communities with Beacon allowing me to focus exclusively on my patients and the clinical aspects of my practice.
    Dr. Will Osibin III, Novato Oral Surgery
    For many years we have reaped the benefits of practicing in a group setting, focused and committed on exceptional patient care while providing a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgical services to our patients. With the future of our group, that of our specialty and the patients we serve in mind, the OCCOS team is confident that affiliating with Beacon Oral Specialists is the best path forward for our continued growth and success.
    Dr. Edward “Ed” Balasanian, Orange County Centers for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants
    Our partnership with Beacon Oral Specialists positions Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery to grow at an increased rate, tapping into our full potential. For our 25 surgeons and more than 270 employees at 23 locations, it means the continuing opportunity to remain primarily focused on providing exceptional care to every patient every day. The best part is that we retain our AOFS leadership and the legacy of our 40-year practice.
    Dr. Paul "PJ" Schaner, Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery
    The entire Maryland Oral Surgery Associates team of Surgeons and staff is excited to partner with the Beacon team. MOSA has provided the highest quality of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery to our patients throughout Maryland/D.C and Northern Virginia over the last 52 years. We look forward to maintaining that high quality of care while continuously improving in all areas of our operation and patient experience through our partnership with Beacon and benefiting from all they have to offer.
    Dr. Glenn Nathan, Maryland Oral Surgery Associates

    Helping You Focus on What’s Important

    Oral surgeons often become hyper-focused on their specialty, constantly advancing their skills. To become the world-class oral surgeon you want to be, you may not have enough time to devote to the business side of your practice.

    Unfortunately, this is why some of the most skilled surgeons struggle to find business success.

    When you partner with our team, we empower you to concentrate on your love for oral surgery. You will have a dedicated team focused on everything from hiring staff for the front desk to developing your marketing strategy.

    Why Beacon?
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