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Understanding Our Process Step by Step

Forming a partnership with any professional organization typically involves a process to secure financial, operational, and other information. Beacon Oral Specialists carries out our process to ensure both parties get optimal results from a partnership. Your oral surgery practice gains access to our network and resources to support your financial, technological, business planning, and marketing goals. With our oral surgery management services, you can focus on providing exceptional treatment while we help you thrive in the health care industry.


Our Process to Secure a Partnership

Beacon Oral Specialists takes our partnerships very seriously and values our connections with oral surgery professionals, helping their practices reach their full potential. Our process involves several steps to ensure both parties have the information they need to make informed choices. We follow each step and verify its performance and completion carefully, so there is no question about our progress. You will be in the loop during the entire workflow, and we provide timely updates regarding the results of each step and what to expect next. Below are descriptions of the steps, starting from initial contact and finishing with definitive agreements:

Step One: Non-Disclosure Agreement

You and our organization will sign a non-disclosure form after our initial contact. This form ensures complete confidentiality when performing the ensuing transaction and research process.

Step Two: Preliminary Financial Review & Evaluation

Our team examines your financials in connection with a potential transaction. During this step, we also facilitate several in-person or virtual meetings. This step is essential to ensure we process a fair and accurate transaction.

Step Three: Letter of Intent (LOI)

After we have gathered all necessary information pertaining to a partnership, we prepare and draft a letter of intent (LOI). This letter is a non-binding document describing the terms of the transaction.

Step Four: Confirmatory Due Diligence

This step is a version of Step Two that goes deeper. We perform confirmatory due diligence, conducting several accounting, legal, and other evaluation types offsite or in your office. We may carry out this step with your advisors if necessary.

Step Five: Definitive Agreements

It is time for us to close the deal after both parties are comfortable with the transaction’s negotiated terms. After signing the contracts, Beacon officially becomes your partner and exclusive provider of oral surgery management services.

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