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About Beacon Oral Specialists’ Professional Support

You need your practice to grow and adapt to the industry’s ever-evolving market, including marketing and technology. Beacon Oral Specialists can help your practice realize its full potential with our oral surgery management services. We formed our organization to provide leading oral surgery practices with professional support services by partnering with us and joining our network. Our organization was founded and is still run by oral surgeons, and that is where our focus remains. Our guidance and service in management solutions like marketing support, operational expertise, patient outreach, and leveraged technology ensures you have the resources you need. With our support handling the business side, you can focus on providing exceptional care.

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How Our Organization Can Help You

Beacon Oral Specialists increases your professional and personal satisfaction by providing security in healthcare’s rapidly changing environment. You might be highly specialized and think you must handle your practice alone, but through a partnership with us, you get ample support and insight.

Leading Oral Surgeons Who Have Partnered With Us

Here are a couple of examples of leading oral surgeons who have partnered with us:

Paul “PJ” Schaner, DMD

Oral surgeon Paul Schaner, DMD had this to say about our organization: “Our partnership with Beacon Oral Specialists positions Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery to grow at an increased rate, tapping into our full potential. For our 25 surgeons and more than 270 employees at 23 locations, it means the continuing opportunity to remain primarily focused on providing exceptional care to every patient every day. The best part is that we retain our AOFS leadership and the legacy of our 40-year practice.”

Will Osibin III, DDS, MD

Dr. Will Osibin III, DDS, MD shared his experience with partnering with us: “The decision to join Beacon was a truly transformational decision in my career, and one I feel was the best path for myself and my family. The knowledge, experience, and leadership Beacon offers helped me exceed my goals and accelerate my career path while meeting the daily challenges every oral surgeon faces in this rapidly evolving healthcare environment. I lead my own offices, I’ve become a partner, and my practice has progressed well beyond what the older, conventional model offers. I look forward to continuing on this path of success and serving my local communities with Beacon allowing me to focus exclusively on my patients and the clinical aspects of my practice.”

Contact Beacon Oral Specialists to Partner With Us